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o We perform all food preparation using a hot dog cart that we tow to the event location and its use is central to our service.

o Size and Fire Department restrictions prohibit us from operating our hot dog carts inside buildings. Therefore, we need a relatively flat outdoor location that is easily accessible where we can place the hot dog cart and serving tables.

o The design of our hot dog carts enables transportation and unhitched positioning on paved surfaces although we can generally move them through yards and grass areas with assistance.

o We are unable to negotiate steep inclines, stairs, and/or rough terrain at event locations. If there is a possible concern in this regard, it is imperative that we discuss your location in detail.

o In urban areas, parking lots are generally preferable for our hot dog carts and serving tables due to space considerations and the fact that sidewalks can, at times, be problematic.

o In the event of inclement weather, it is possible for us to move condiments, side dishes, chips, and drinks to an indoor location. We must prepare hot dogs and brats, however, outdoors using our hot dog cart.

o If your event will be held at a private residence, it is always nice if we can place the cart where your guests are most likely to gather, generally the backyard. Access to backyards can sometimes be a problem due to the dimensions of our hot dog carts versus the size of yard gates. Width of our carts is 3'-8".
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